When taking cold medicine

If the pain persists despite physical therapy, the steroid (triamcinolone acetonide 30mg) is mixed with 0.5% lidocaine 10cc and injected into the articular capsule under ultrasound guidance. Compared before injection, the articular sac that is significantly stretched after injection can be observed.
In diabetics, avoid injection of steroids in the joints if the blood sugar level is not normally controlled, and reduce the dose of steroids if the condition is controlled. If the pain is relieved after injection, intensive stretching exercises are performed to reach the range of normal joint movements as much as possible, and then strength training is performed.
However, if the pain does not decrease, re-injection is considered after 2-3 weeks, and other stretching exercises are performed after suprascapular nerve block.

Since adhesive arthritis is a self-limiting disease, only a small percentage of patients need surgical treatment.Most adhesive arthritis responds to conservative treatment, but despite adequate conservative treatment, if symptoms worsen, surgical treatments such as articular capsule opening and open joint capsule release may be necessary. Differentiation is required from other diseases such as stiffness, muscle rupture, and sometimes it can be compounded to cause symptoms.

Common cold symptoms are improved by getting enough rest and nutrition. If you can’t rest or have weak immunity, taking cold medicine early in the symptoms is a smart way to reduce respiratory damage. If you only have fever without any symptoms, take antipyretic analgesics, such as Tylenol, rather than anti-inflammatory drugs. Cold medicine is not a cure, so if symptoms improve, you can stop taking them. However, if you have been diagnosed with a bacterial infection due to a cold sequelae and have been prescribed antibiotics, it is recommended that you take your prescription drugs to the end. This is because if you stop taking antibiotics, the causative bacteria do not die completely, which can make them resistant to antibiotics. In addition, antibiotics are not administered after a meal, but at regular time intervals, for example, if administered three times a day, it is effective to control bacteria or kill them every eight hours. Cold medicine is usually taken 30 minutes after meals 3 times a day. If symptoms do not improve after taking it for more than a week, you should stop taking it and consult a doctor or pharmacist. If your runny nose turns pale yellow, it is a sign that your cold is getting worse, and if you have a high fever and severe fatigue, your cold may be worse or another disease.

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