What is melatonin?

The Melatonin is a hormone synthesized primarily in the brain stem ( pineal gland ) in the dark. That is, it is a hormone that intervenes in the natural cycle of sleep; we produce it naturally. So, if we eat it as a food supplement, what is Melatonin? What benefits does it have for health? Is it necessary to take it?

We can say that Melatonin helps reduce the time needed to fall asleep.

We can say that Melatonin helps reduce the time needed to fall asleep. While this is true, it is also true that not everyone needs to take melatonin products to sleep correctly.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin Functions

  1. It should be mentioned that among the main functions of Melatonin, it stands out that it is asleep inducer.
  2. Also, it contributes to “resynchronize” circadian rhythms. This means that it helps reduce the time needed to fall asleep, respecting the deep sleep phase.
  3. And, on the other hand, it reduces the sleep latency time, that is, the time that elapses until the patient falls asleep. This action of sleep inducer is what will be very useful in cases such as those caused by stress, for example.

In addition to this function as a sleep inducer, we can say that Melatonin has a chronobiological effect that regulates sleep.

By completing the treatment with sleep hygiene measures, Melatonin manages to regulate sleep in children who have spent a period of vacations or in adults when they suffer changes in schedules or habits, to give two examples.

In this sense, it can be beneficial in jet lag, a syndrome caused by the rapid change of time zone in travellers, after a long journey. This syndrome may present with symptoms such as insomnia, early awakening, fatigue, or feeling generally unwell and the consequences of these.

Is Melatonin effective?

Yes, we can say that Melatonin ranks third in terms of prescription of drug treatment.

It is used for the difficulties of initiation or establishment of sleep. And it is administered in patients with a wide age range.

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Treatment with Melatonin for sleep acts positively on the reconciliation of sleep. It is possible to reduce its latency, respecting the deep sleep phase.

In addition to being practical, Melatonin has no side effects, even when taken for prolonged periods.

It does not produce drowsiness the next day so that the patient can continue with his rhythm of life. It is essential when taking Melatonin to achieve the desired effect. An hour before going to sleep is generally the most appropriate.

  • Drinking lemon balm helps you sleep better
  • There are many plants known for their favourable action on sleep. One of the best known is melissa…

When to take Melatonin?

One of the most everyday problems today is stress. It may come well-motivated by long working hours, excessive responsibilities or other concerns, which are still standard, but not everyone knows how to live with them in the best way. Children, their exams, their health problems, etc. are some examples and, all this, we do not rest what is necessary.

Also, the changes in our schedules when going to bed can alter our normal sleep cycle.

Works in which we have to change shifts, seasons in which we get up early or stay more overnight for different reasons, trips etc. Not all of us can sleep equally well when we alter our sleep habits for these reasons.

Another essential factor to consider is habits before going to rest:

  • Watch TV
  • Be with data display screens (mobiles, pads, computer) just before bedtime
  • Going out doing intense exercise shortly before getting into bed, etc.

These types of actions before going to bed have a negative influence when it comes to falling asleep. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid them. The light in the room, which is at a suitable temperature, are also factors to consider. How many times have we not slept well because there was an excess of cold or heat in the room?

We can do more things to favour our sleep hygiene, such as avoiding copious dinners and dining at least two hours before getting into bed.

When should we consult a doctor?

It must be said, first, that Melatonin has no side effects. But it is true that whenever we go to take it, we should consult with a healthcare professional. If our insomnia is due to a specific event of stress, nervousness, job change … we can go to our trusted pharmacy to recommend the best supplement with Melatonin.

On the other hand, if our insomnia is chronic, for several weeks, we should consult our doctor. And, for example, we may be taking certain medications that can cause melatonin production to be inhibited.

Dream in children

All these are hygienic dietary measures on which we can act to help us sleep better. Although all the examples we have indicated are in adults, we cannot forget the children, our children.

The Melatonin becomes a supplement especially recommended in these people with difficulty falling asleep.

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They may also have difficulty falling asleep due to stress, schedule changes, habits before going to rest, etc. If our child has trouble falling asleep, it is always advisable to consult with the pediatrician before resorting to any self-medication.

However, even if we have done everything in our power to help you fall asleep regularly, sometimes it is not enough, and we still cannot sleep and rest properly.

Most of the time because we take our problems to bed and this causes us, among other things, a functional sleep disorder. In this sense, Melatonin becomes a supplement especially recommended in these people with difficulties when falling asleep.

What happens if I can’t sleep?

Some of the consequences of not resting can lead to reducing our performance at work, causing lousy mood or even cardiovascular problems.

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