What is the ketogenic diet or Keto diet?

When it comes to achieving vital well-being, good health is a non-negotiable premise. In this sense, we can all be clear that weight loss will be useful to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that obesity involves cardiovascular and circulatory problems, among others, so it should be reduced as much as possible.

In this aspect, there are different diets that you can follow to lose those extra kilos. Today we present one of them. Pay attention. It might interest you.

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The ketogenic diet

We present if you want to eliminate those extra kilos, the ketogenic diet or Keto (by its English name:  keto diet ). It is a diet that promotes rapid and effective weight loss. As in all these nutrition plans, we recommend that, if you opt for this one, in particular, you put yourself in the hands of a dietitian or nutritionist who monitors your conditions and your way of dealing with it.

This diet is based on a decrease in carbohydrates that you consume daily, in compensation to the previous reduction, to an increase in the presence of fats in your daily diet.

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This disproportion of macronutrients will generate a context similar to fasting. As this glucose of the carbohydrates that our body requires as fuel will not be provided, glycogen stores will be depleted. This circumstance will cause fats in the liver to be burned as a priority energy source.

These ketosis processes give rise to the proliferation of ketones or ketone bodies, which will become the sources of food for the muscles, brain, and other organs.


How to configure the menus of the ketogenic diet?

First, you have to keep in mind that the proportions of habitual macronutrient consumption will vary. While in a regular diet, almost half of those you take should be carbohydrates, now they will fall to 5-10 %. The protein will remain in 30-35%, and the fat will represent 60 %. If we do not want to lose too much muscle tone, we will have to increase protein consumption.

As for the foods that are to be part of this diet, it points out the following:

– Vegetables that carry few carbohydrates.

– Bluefish with abundant polyunsaturated fats.

– Sausages and meat.

– Mayonnaise and eggs.

– Fatty milk derivatives.

– Seeds and nuts.

– The oils.

– Spices and salt.

As for those you should not include, pay attention to these:

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– The fruits.

– Pasta, bread, flour, and rice.

– The potatoes.

– The cereals.

– Legumes.

– Sweet pastry.

– Sugary drinks and soft drinks.

– Those processed with trans fats.

This diet has no side effects, but, if you want to avoid the dreaded rebound effect, we advise you to follow it and abandon it gradually. In short, follow the ketogenic diet, and you will lose weight effectively and without stopping eating what you like.

REMEMBER: the basis for enjoying good health is many times to change our habits, as proposed by the Create Health method. We need to nourish ourselves properly and get active doing things that contribute to our overall well-being. 

Also, to take care of our mind, there are tools like the Siente app – which you can download here –  that can be great allies on your way to a healthy life. Its methodology is simple to use, as it includes mindfulness and positive psychology to improve your well-being, reduce stress, and, in passing, be happier.

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