“As a doctor, I want them to eat a lot of fat and salt”

“As a doctor, I want them to eat a lot of fat and add a lot of salt to the food.”

I love releasing this phrase to the public in the free talks we offer about correcting diabetes and obesity with a ketogenic diet. They give me all kinds of looks. However, in general, women look at me with wide eyes, horrified. Men, on the other hand, are halfway between surprise and absolute happiness.

“Doctor, does that mean I can eat chicken thighs with skin?” Asked a man once.

The whole room was silent.

I nodded.

He elbowed his wife, “You haven’t let me eat chicken skin for 15 years !!! NEVER MORE! ” The man broke in, with a big smile on his face. We all laugh.

A new way of eating

At that moment they reminded me that it is easy, especially for beginners, to focus on everything that one should not or cannot eat and drink by following a strict or moderate low carb diet, instead of recognizing everything you can finally do. Eat. When one begins to open the doors of culinary possibilities with an adventurous mindset, we discover a new world of options.

But let’s admit it: it is not easy to let go without more than everything we think we know about food and health, everything we were taught and everything we read in the last 40 years.

Somehow, we have never been sicker or more obese in the history of humanity, and yet many people are not willing to think that our diet could be to blame. Some of the most reluctant people are, in fact, health professionals, particularly doctors and nutritionists.

The vast majority of my patients who eat low carb are not my patients. I am not your family doctor. Some come to me after a free talk, others find me on the internet or have a family member who is doing very well and also want to try it. At first, none came because their family doctors or specialists would have recommended me.

Very often, they ask me: “What will my doctor say about eating keto?”

At first, I was quite scared of what their doctors said or did. At that time, Tim Noakes’ trial was being conducted in South Africa, and Gary Fettke had been silenced in Australia. What if they also took me to court? What if I lost the medical license that cost me so much to get?

However, when we started to get results with our patients, such as weight loss, normal sugar levels, increased energy levels, decreased chronic pain, improved lipograms, etc., I realized that I had to warn patients.

“Listen, your doctor could give you a heart attack if you discover the amount of fat and salt that I make him eat. It’s a posibility. But the important thing is that YOU do not give a heart attack. Let your results speak for themselves.”

Globally, the last 40 years have also provided results that speak for themselves. And those results are, as we all know, catastrophic. I would say it’s time to try a new way of eating … except that this way of eating has nothing new. That is why it is time to return to a more natural diet, with more fat compared to what we were eating and fewer carbohydrates and sugar. It’sits time to eat your chicken thigh with your skin and enjoy it!

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